Restaurant Technology

  • Local Support!!
  • $0 Credit Card Fees!!
  • Hybrid POS System custom build to your restaurant needs
  • Integrated online ordering
  • EMV ready
  • Multy-store loyalty & giftcards
  • Network continuity. Secure your network and provides LTE failover for internet outages.
  • White glove hand over. We are with your team all the way to ensure the team fully understands system functionality and capabilities.


For nearly 20 years, SoftTouch has developed POS solutions to meet the demands of all restaurant service types. We have the perfect solution for your business!

It's Easy!

SoftTouch POS is intuitive and simple to operate for anyone “in the biz”. Every screen is designed for optimal performance and simplicity.


Your business can’t afford downtime! SoftTouch is the POS system that just keeps running while you focus on your business.

No credit card processing fee

Your credit card transactions will cost you $0. No billing to deal with at the end of the month.

Sales Summary

This feature allows you to track sales of your menu items and identify your most profitable items by time of the day, day of the week etc.

Loyalty Program

Our loyalty program is fully integrated with our Point of Sale system. No need to have multiple vendors to track or multiple systems to use. This is a one stop shop for your loyalty program and your POS.

Employee Management

Create employees, assign them roles and keep their login secure. With finger print scanner as well as security card readers you are in charge of what access your team has to the system. Avoid loosing track of who is doing what in your POS system by having this features in place.

Offline Mode

SoftTouch allows you to process credit cards even when the internet drops. You no longer have to suffer from the internet outage. This feature will allow you to swipe the credit card and process once your internet is back up and running. Other POS systems only allows them 72 hours to process the transaction. SoftTouch will attempt clearing the transaction at end of day if its decline until it is processed or you cancel the transaction.


Automate your serving process by using one of our many Kiosk platform. You no longer have to let your customers wait online for service. Our Kiosk will take their order, process the payment and send the information to the kitchen or bar to have the customer’s order prep. Boost your sales volume in your busy environment by 40%.